Designing a Vibrant Home Office

Too frequently, developing a practical home office is not our main priority when it comes to DYI home projects. The majority of us prefer to spend more time decorating our other living areas – and less thinking about work. But, we would argue that a beautiful home office space is a great way to invest in your own career. Home offices do not need to be dull and “corporate looking”! When designed with your creative vision and style in mind, your home office becomes more like a tool that boosts your productivity.

If you are prepared to give your workspace a chance, have a look below.

We have pulled together our favourite strategies for producing a fabulous and practical home office. If you decide to give this a go, don’t be surprised if your little office becomes your favourite spot in the house.

Good lighting is KEY

No matter if you choose to work during the day or night-time (not to recommend!), you still need enough light to make sure you won’t strain your eyes. To do this efficiently, utilise a combination of lighting alternatives to fill each corner of the space. As an additional bonus, an assortment of various light sources gives you more control when it comes to the area’s ambience.

If you have never invested in any lamps or lights before, here’s a quick breakdown:

Ambient: Lighting that is used to fill the Majority of the space, normally from overhead. This is your every-day lamp that exists in basically every room ever.

Accent: A light fixture used to emphasize a particular feature or area in the room, such as a bookcase, fireplace or piece of artwork.

Task: Light fittings for a Particular function such as a desk lamp

For the best results, try a mix of these alternatives in your office. And don’t hesitate to add more, if necessary.

Take business seriously

There is nothing that trumps productivity as much as having a cluttered desk that is hidden beneath a mountain of paperwork or old folders. Do yourself a favour as you’re establishing your home office and place organisational solutions in place, which are simple to use and match your special needs and taste.

Prior to making any purchases, sit down and consider the things you want to buy. Is your workload largely document-driven or do you require room to store bulkier things such as art supplies? Afterwards, be honest with yourself regarding your organisational skills.

Are you the type of individual who will keep open shelving appearing fantastic or would you like the capability to maintain your office’s internal workings concealed from view?

As soon as you’ve got a good idea of the type of products you require, make sure you do your own research. Have a look at Pinterest, Instagram and maybe even some online interior design websites for inspiration.


A well-organised office space will inspire your creativity while making you feel at home. 

Do not forget your personal style

Last but not least, your workplace requires a healthy dose of character. Do your very best to make the room feel as “you” as possible, by infusing it with lots of personal touches. If you get it right, a personalised touch can help make your time in the workplace a lot more pleasurable.

Consider your choice of colour palette a guide when you begin your process. Start by giving the room a new coat of paint, which will be an ideal method to give your room an instant makeover. Decide on a colour you enjoy, even if it is a bit outside the box, and then select bold, coordinating colours for the details such as pots and curtains. If you are having trouble deciding on what colours to choose from, you can consult with an interior design firm or look at different options at stores like Bunnings.

Do not be scared to add a feeling of relaxation to your space by including fabrics like carpets, throw blankets and cushions. Fill the walls with artwork that you love, and don’t hesitate to indulge in a couple of décor items. These tiny aesthetic pieces look amazing in open shelves and on coffee tables.

I hope I’ve been able to inspire you with these ideas and that you now feel excited to get started on your own home office.

I would love to see any “make-over” pictures so feel free to email me with your results!