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Knowing your tiles well for the perfect home maintenance

Tiles are nothing but these block-like things with patterns on it. But the change that they can bring to your place is immense. If you know just the right thing to look for when it comes to tiles, you can change the way everything at your place looks. After all, they are used for flooring (which are generally 10 mm thick), on the walls (which can be 6-7 mm thick), and almost everywhere that acts as a base. So it is really important that you know your tiles. There are a lot of different tiles available and below are some of them. It is always best advised to opt for tenancy advocacy option to find out the various revamps you can take to change the tiling of your property. To know what are the various changes that are allowed your property in case it is rented or leased can always be better as you would want to know the extent of freedom you have with your property according to the wishes of the homeowner. In case it’s your own home, the freedom is extended and it is entirely up to you to decide the outlook of it.

Your tile can be porcelain, vitrified and ceramic which can be classified on the basis of their water-absorbing capacity.

  • Vetrified tiles have a clay base and are scratch and stain-resistant. Although they are the least adsorbent and so they are good to be used in the more active areas of your house like the living room.
  • Ceramic tiles, being glossy, porous and slippery, are best suited for your walls. And should be small in size if you use it as flooring.
  • Porcelain tiles are the hardest and sturdier. This has properties like anti-skid, scratch-resistant, acid-wash proof, anti-stain, anti-bacterial and fire-resistant, which decides it’s usage.
  • The terracotta tiles from Tuscany are the tear and wear-resistant ones. They do not even discolour easily.
  • The stone tiles are the fancy ones that are slippery but then are easy to install. Although being different, they need a certain planning and are honed at times to make them slip-resistant.
  • Mosaic tiles are the ones with a cement base and embedded glass, marble and other stones. They are the expensive ones.
  • Glazed tiles are the glossy, colourful ones that are fired twice. Once to put in the colour and second time to seal it in. These are used on walls because they are slippery in nature. And they are expensive than the mosaic ones.

Living room and dining room

Tiles for the bathroom

For this area of the house, you need tiles that are the least slippery,  are water and stain-resistant and durable. They should be easy to maintain.

  • For the bedroom, dining room and the living room

These areas are the places where you could show off. And so make sure that you choose tiles that are glossy and creative, fitting right in at the same time. The brighter the tiles in colour, the more the illusion of space it creates.

  • For the kitchen

The tiles here should be least slippery, and glossy so that any food item stain can be removed easily.

  • For the outdoors

Go for the durable ones, that are weather-resistant and absorbs the least water. And what kind of things you’d need to keep in mind before you pick a tile.

  • Maintenance

Different tiles have different cleaning restrictions. And these restrictions are a by-product of the area they are in and their properties, depending on how they were baked.

For example, glazed tires are cleaned with a vacuum first and then are cleaned with warm water to clean the dust off it. Detergent makes them less glossy. Although you can rinse the car with a solution of vinegar in warm water.

Knowing your tiles well ensures that you can decide and change the aesthetics of your home as and when you wish. However, it is always advised to stick to a certain tile plan as an investment as changing it from time to time can be expensive and cause severe damage to the flooring and foundation of the property. You could always opt to work on carpet change and interior wall changes in case you wish for constant revamps.

Tiling options

 Activity in any area decides the durability of the tile in that area. Like for an area that witnesses a lot of heavyweights might be prone to cracks and broken tiles.

It all sounds simple, and maybe you don’t even care about stuff like this. But keeping the above things in mind don’t change your house only aesthetically but decreases the chances of an accident as well. These factors need to maintained well and planned much ahead in advance for efficient property management.

Knowing the tile work of your home and knowing the right ways to maintain it can always help you stay ahead of the game and give you leverage to have the most aesthetically pleasing home amongst all. Having to walk-in into a beautiful home with reflective tiling work can best describe your personality and fill the house with positive vibes that you so dearly need after maybe a long day of hectic work or study schedule.