How Can I Keep My Garden Safe From My Pets?

A man’s best friend might be his pet, but these creatures can be destructive. Sometimes the garden attracts pets, birds, and insects. Like children, pets like to play and wander around the house and in the garden. Within a few minutes of activities, pets can ruin your garden and leave you to restore the damage. However, some ideas might help to keep pets away from your beautiful garden. Let us share these useful tips.

Make Access into Your Garden Very Difficult

Do not make the space around your garden very friendly for pets. Install some structures at least 2 meters from the outermost areas with plants. By building wire mesh tree guards and bamboo laid garden fence, it indicates that your garden is a restricted zone. Normally, animals do not like restricted access and their first instinct is to try to gain entry. Ensure to install these bamboo sticks very deep in your garden soil. Consider spending some money on other garden wire products to help boost the security of your yard.

Some stubborn pets might try to struggle and gain access. However, a firm pillar-like bamboo will be hard to destroy. Also, the mesh should be well spread to prevent pets and flying insects from destroying your flowerbeds. While electric fences might keep pets like cats and dogs away from the garden, this installation might be expensive. Apart from the cost, faulty electric fences might increase the risk of injury to your pets and other animals.

Keep Fertilizer Ingredients Away from Pets

Generally, pets with sensitive noses like to scoop around to uncover buried objects. They could be tempted to invade your garden and search under the flowerbed. Dogs and cats can’t stay away from bone meal even when these are ingredients for manure. Harmful ingredients can cause bowel obstruction for pets. Since it might be harmful to consume these decaying ingredients of manure, you should apply them safely. A garden with spreads of fresh manure is an irresistible place for these carnivores. Add more layers of soil after applying poultry, blood, feather, and bone meal to garden soils.

Repel Pets with Some Herbs

Apart from humans, animals suffer allergies and discomfort from nature. Allergies from plants might last more than 24 hours too. Some plants are effective at keeping pets out of the garden. Usually, dogs and cats do not like plants like herbs such as rosemary and chives. While lavender might repel dogs, cats move away from Coleus Canina because this plant causes skin allergies. You might add citronella, Calendula, bergamot, and rue too.

Citrus Peel Repel with Ease

It is frustrating to see animals ruin a long period of hard work. However, a litter of citrus peels and other plants with choking smell can keep them off the garden. Apart from pets, bugs and creepy insects cannot stand the pungent smell of citrus peels. Without burying these peels in the soil, strong odours of lemon, grapefruit, and lime can repel your pets easily. Also, coffee grounds mixed with fennel and basil should be dispersed with water into your garden soil. After the roots and leaves of plants absorb these extracts, your dogs and cats will not come close to that area for a long time.

Use Technology

One of the benefits of technology is its versatile application. Apart from office and industrial applications, technological tools are must-haves for gardens. Like pet-repelling plants, animals and insects do not like installations that emit high-frequency sound. Technologies like ultrasonic trainers and motion sensor sprinklers might be expensive but are effective in keeping out pets from your garden. Instead of training your pets to live with these hi-tech installations, add scarecrows to increase the repelling effects of this idea.